One choice, one guarantee

The high standard of the products that Plose Linea Fresca proposes is assured by a continuous and strong control of the production process, from the sowing (qualified producers-suppliers) to the wrapped product.

A central database which gathers all data about products makes possible to control the tracing (a bar code system allows to date back to the pip of every product) and logistic (from storage to distribution in respect of the frozen chain), thus assuring a high hygienic-sanitary quality and a high taste quality.

The consumer often makes himself questions about the products that he buys. We will answer to more frequent questions..


1) They should because of the warranty of quality of the product, which is bought after a careful selection.

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2) We guarantee a always fresh product, it can be traced and it is, above all, Italian. We have certification ISO 9001 | BRC | IFS | QS | BIOLOGICO.

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3) Raw materials are bought for a wide part by local farmers, so at "zero km", except when the season is not suitable. In that case we take them by middle-south Italy companies, never abroad. The raw material can always be traced. La materia prima è sempre tracciata.

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4) Italy and Europe.

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5) In the first step the rough product is accurately cleaned by our specialized operators, then it is cut and washed in water. In the second step it is spin-dried, weighed and wrapped.

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6) No, absolutely they don't.

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7) Certainly, all operators respect the hygienic program of the company.

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8) Yes, it is.
Enjoy your meal.

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Certificazione Agricoltura BiologicaCertificazione Bios Produzioni Biologiche



Plose Linea Fresca offers a wide choice
of products with ready to eat,
fresh, washed and dried salad.

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